Restrictions After a Felony Conviction

Below are the restrictions we have identified in the Code of Criminal Procedure. You may also select a different source.

AIDS Alcohol Amusement Park Rides Amusement Ride Operators Arrest without Warrant Arrests Background Checks Bail Bail Bond Surety Board of Pardons and Paroles Bus Drivers Buses Cabs Capital Offenses Chauffeurs Child Abuse Community Supervision Commutation Controlled Substances Corrections Corrections Officers Costs Paid by Defendants County Child Abuse Prevention Fund Court Clerks Court Costs Criminal History Criminal Records DNA Domestic Violence Drug Offenses Drugs Expunction Family Violence Fees Fees Paid by Defendants Genetic Tests Governor Grand Jury Habeas Corpus HIV Illegal Aliens Illegal Immigrants Immigration Immigration and Naturalization Services Impeachment Intoxication Jailers Juries Jurors Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Graffiti Eradication Fees Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Fund Law Enforcement Licenses Limousine Drivers Limousines Pardons Peace Officers Petit Jury Police Police Officers Probation Public Health Public Transit Public Transportation Reportable Diseases Residences School Bus Drivers Security Fees Security Funds Sex Offenders Sex Offenses Sexually Transmitted Diseases STD Surety Taxicab Drivers Taxicabs Taxies Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Treason Undocumented Immigrants Warrants