1914–1922 Historical Statutes Now Available!

June 4, 2021


We're happy to announce that we've added additional volumes to our online collection of historical Texas statutes. The unofficial compilations of Texas statutes between 1914–1922 are now available. Read on for a bit of background information on these new volumes. 

Although the state legislature met several times during 1911–1925, no official version of Vernon's Texas statutes was published during this period. Publisher John Sayles and his son Henry Sayles stepped in to help mitigate the missing years by publishing "unofficial" versions of the Texas statutes during these years, and these unofficial volumes are referred to as  “Vernon’s Sayles’” after the publisher. Check out the notes on each volume for more information.

 Here's what we've recently added: 

Our digitized historical statutes can be read in your browser or viewed/downloaded as a PDF. Be sure to review the bookmarked table of contents on each PDF for more information.

If you have any questions about using this collection, be sure to review our Historical Statutes research guide or Ask a Librarian!

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