Notice of Risks of Library Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Surface Transmission

The CDC considers the risk of surface transmission to be low. However, tests performed on some common library surfaces by the REALM Project showed that trace amounts of COVID particles remained after a few days.

As library staff are unable to sanitize all surfaces that other patrons touch, please touch public surfaces, including books, at your own risk. Frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizer is encouraged.

Proximity to Unmasked Patrons

The State Law Library will not be asking any patrons to show proof of vaccination. This may mean that you will be using a public computer in close proximity to an unmasked fellow patron. Although the library has taken efforts to distance the public computers as much as possible, some risks due to the extended presence of another person may remain.

The library is requesting that all patrons take appropriate measures to protect their own health. Should you be seated near another patron who is not wearing a mask, we encourage you to wear a mask for yourself.

page last updated: 3 Aug 2023 4:09 PM