Recommended Titles and Treatises

There are no Texas-specific titles in this subject area.

Admiralty and maritime law
by Thomas Schoebaum. Thomson West. 2011.
Call number: KF 1104 S3
Admiralty and maritime law
by Robert Force. Federal Judicial Center. 2013.
Call number: JU 13.2:AD 6/2013
Benedict on admiralty Legal forms icon
by Erastus Benedict. Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 1958.
Call number: KF 1104 B42
Law of maritime personal injuries Legal forms icon
by Robert Force. Thomson West. 2004.
Call number: KF 1107 N67
The law of admiralty
by Grant Gilmore. Thomson West. 1975.
Call number: KF 1104 B5
The law of marine collision
by Nicholas J. Healy. Cornell Maritime Press. 1998.
Call number: KF 1107 H43
The law of seamen
by Robert Force. Thomson West. 2003.
Call number: KF 1121 N6

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