Recommended Titles and Treatises

The Texas state constitution : a reference guide
by Janice C. May. Greenwood Press. 1996.
Call number: REF DESK KFT 4541 M3
Analyses of proposed constitutional amendments: November 3, 2009 election e-book icon image
by Texas Legislative Council. Texas Legislative Council. 2009.
Call number: KFT 4557 A51
Born under the Constitution: why recent attacks on birthright citizenship are unfounded e-book icon image
by Elizabeth Wydra. American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. 2011.
Call number: KF 4700 W93
Burning crosses, hangman's nooses, and the like: state statutes that proscribe the use of symbols of fear and violence with the intent to threaten e-book icon image
by Kathleen Ruane. Congressional Research Service. 2007.
Call number: KF 6773 R78
Constitutional law : cases and materials
by William Cohen. Foundation Press. 2009.
Call number: KF 4549 C6
Constitutional law : civil liberty and individual rights
by William Cohen. Thomson West. 2007.
Call number: KF 4748 C64
Constitutional law in a nutshell
by Jerome A. Barron. Thomson West. 2009.
Call number: KF 4550 B3
Constitutional law: principles and policies
by Erwin Chemerinsky. Wolters Kluwer. 2011.
Call number: KF 4549 C44
Double jeopardy: a reference guide to the United States Constitution
by David S. Rudstein. Praeger. 2004.
Call number: KF 9245 R83
Education law : first amendment, due process and discrimination litigation
by Ronna Greff Schneider. Thomson West. 2004.
Call number: KF 4119 S36
Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
by Leonard Williams Levy. Macmillan Reference USA. 2000.
Call number: REF KF 4548 E5
How democratic is the American Constitution?
by Robert Allan Dahl. Yale University Press. 2003.
Call number: KF 4550 D34
I dissent : great opposing opinions in landmark Supreme Court cases
by Mark Tushnet. Beacon Press. 2008.
Call number: KF 8742 I35
Landmark decisions of the United States Supreme Court
by Paul Kinkelman. CQ Press. 2008.
Call number: REF KF 4550 F54
Landmark Supreme Court cases : the most influential decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States
by Gary Hartman. Facts on File. 2004.
Call number: KF 8742 H37
Mexican law
by Stephen Zamora. Oxford University Press. 2005.
Call number: KF 383 Z3
Modern constitutional law
by William J. Rich. Thomson West. 2011.
Call number: KF 4546 R47
Payments law in a nutshell
by Steve H. Nickles. Thomson West. 2005.
Call number: KF 957 N53
Rehabilitating Lochner : defending individual rights against progressive reform
by David Bernstein. University of Chicago Press. 2011.
Call number: KF 228 L63 B47
Restatement of the law fourth: the foreign relations law of the United States: treaties. Tentative draft
by American Law Institute. American Law Institute. 2016.
Call number: KF 209 R1 FOREIGN SOV. TREAT.
Rethinking the New Deal court: the structure of a constitutional revolution
by Barry Cushman. Oxford University Press. 1998.
Call number: KF 4541 C87
Sexual orientation, gender identity, and the constitution
by Peter Nicolas. Carolina Academic Press. 2013.
Call number: KF 4754.5 N53
Smolla and Nimmer on freedom of speech
by Rodney A.Smolla. Thomson West. 1996.
Call number: KF 4772 N54
The bill of rights in modern America
by David J. Bodenhamer. Indiana University Press. 2008.
Call number: KF 4550 A2 B49
The classical liberal constitution : the uncertain quest for limited government
by Richard Epstein. Harvard University Press. 2014.
Call number: KF 4550 E69
The Oxford companion to the Supreme Court of the United States
by Kermit Hall. Oxford University Press. 2005.
Call number: REF DESK KF 8742 A35 093
The Second Amendment : a biography
by Michael Waldman. Simon and Schuster. 2014.
Call number: KF 3941 W35
Treatise on constitutional law: substance and procedure
by Ronald Rotunda. Thomson West. 2012.
Call number: KF 4549 R6
United States Supreme Court: original jurisdiction cases and materials
by Gordon Lee Weil. Arthur McAllister Publishers, Inc. 2010.
Call number: KF 390.5 J8 U6

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