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Texas practice guide: criminal practice & procedure

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by D. Mark Elliston. Thomson West. 2012.
3 volumes.

This three-volume criminal practice guide, last updated in 2012, goes through most of the aspects one may encounter in a criminal trial. It is aimed at attorneys, but it may also be of value to anyone who chooses to represent oneself or to anyone curious about criminal procedure in Texas. With a total of 32 chapters, this set takes a close look at many of the issues that arise during criminal proceedings. There are chapters dedicated to jurisdiction and venue, statutes of limitations, searches and seizure, arrests and detentions, competency to stand trial, grand juries, discovery and disclosure, juries and jury charges, penalties, and opening/closing arguments. The third volume focuses on post-trial proceedings such as writs of habeas corpus, motions for a new trial, appeals, expunctions, and discretionary reviews. Included are tables of laws and rules, a table of cases, and a subject index. Includes legal forms.

Call number: KFT 209 T5 CRIM
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