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Proof of conspiracy under federal antitrust laws

American Bar Association. Section of Antitrust Law. American Bar Association. 2010.
297 pages.

his book presents simple and understandable guidance that sets forth the current state of the law for proving such agreements. Proof of Conspiracy Under Federal Antitrust Laws discusses the use of direct and indirect evidence to get at the heart of what constitutes an agreement--or as the Supreme Court has termed it a "commitment to a common scheme"--at every stage in litigation. The book includes a careful analysis of the dramatic changes the United States Supreme Court has made to antitrust law in recent years, including recent cases law on pleading standards on motions to dismiss. It also presents a circuit-by-circuit exposition of summary judgment standards and a thorough review of the uses of economic experts and their testimony. It will be a ready reference for the young attorney writing their first antitrust complaint, or the wise practitioner refreshing their memory before arguing a motion for summary judgment. - From the publisher

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