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Early neutral evaluation

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by Wayne Brazil. American Bar Association. 2012.
218 pages.

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a process utilized at the pretrial stage of litigation to help parties hone in on the disputed issues in a lawsuit. Participants work with a 'shared information base". This focused sharing of information facilitates settlement before trial and can also streamline a case that goes to trial, saving money in either event. It is good for the litigants in resolving disputes and for the courts in getting disputes resolved efficiently. ENE is particularly advantageous because the parties look at the issues early on even before the burdensome and costly discovery phase. It is nonbinding, so there is no danger of losing your day in court. This volume explains what ENE is and its dispute resolution function. Additionally, It is prepares the reader to work as a neutral or evaluator, expanding the dispute resolution options a practitioner can offer.

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