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Internet publishing perils and practices : a compass for content in the digital domain

by John Borger. American Bar Association. 2013.
167 pages.

This handy guide is a practical, usable and accessible tool for those with general legal knowledge who do not encounter this area of law regularly. It explores a wide range of legal issues facing anyone or any company with an online presence: defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, website terms of use, and employer's rights and risks in relation to employees' online conduct, on duty and off. Full of practical "best practices" tips for practitioners, this book was written by an impressive panel of attorneys from across the country with expertise in first amendment issues, media law, intellectual property, advertising, e-commerce, data privacy and other relevant practice areas. Use this guide as your first step in navigating your way through the digital domain by spotting and avoiding the traps for the unwary. - From the publisher

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