Recommended Titles and Treatises

The law of adoption

by Margaret Jasper. Oceana. 2008.
224 pages.

This is a good primer on adoption laws. While not an in-depth treatment, this books covers the basic points of the adoption process. It explains the types of adoptions available, including the costs and some of the resources available to mitigate those costs. It covers adoption procedures, including the home study, placement and finalization. Issues regarding consent and termination of parental rights are addressed, as well as information on who may adopt and who may be adopted. Post-adoption issues, including contact agreements, access to records and inheritance rights, are discussed as well. There is also a chapter on international adoption. The book includes a glossary of adoption terms and several appendices, including state adoption statutes, directory of state adoption information web sites and a table of allowable adoption expenses, to name a few.

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