Consumer Information

We answer some common consumer questions — including questions about store returns, canceling a purchase, returning a car, and Lemon Law — on our frequently asked legal questions page. Below are links to resources that can help you with consumer issues. If you have questions, please Ask a Librarian.

Authorized by federal law, this site allows you to obtain your credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, the 3 nationwide consumer credit reporting companies, at no cost once every 12 months.

Austin Tenants' Council

The Austin Tenant's Council serves residents of the city of Austin and some of its surrounding communities, but the consumer information on the website is available to everyone. Topics include eviction, lockouts, repairs, security deposits, and more.

Consumer Protection Information from the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection

Many useful articles and brochures dealing with a wide range of consumer topics, including identity theft, credit and loans, telemarketing, motor vehicle purchases, and investments.

Consumer Protection Information from the Texas Attorney General

Many articles that discuss the most common consumer issues. Includes information on topics such as a 3-day right to cancel a purchase, car repairs, debt collection, and identity theft. 

Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner

Working to help promote financial literacy and to educate consumers, this agency's site includes brochures with information on home equity loans in Texas, reverse mortgages, credit, predatory lending, and more.

The People's Lawyer — Richard Alderman

Richard M. Alderman, author of Know Your Rights!, provides information on various legal topics as well as answers to common legal questions. Topics include Family/Divorce, Automobiles, Credit/Debt Collection, and more.

Texas A&M Real Estate Center

Publications and data provide answers to frequently asked landlord/tenant, neighbor law, and general real estate questions from the nation's largest publicly funded organization devoted to real estate research.

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners — Consumer Information

Covers frequently asked questions about medical records, malpractice, complaint information, information about health professionals, and more.

Travis County Domestic Relations Office

Family law information specifically for Travis County residents, but some of the information and links are helpful to all Texas residents. — Texas

State-by-state legal information and resources for victims of domestic violence. Includes information on preparing for court.

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