Restrictions on Convicted Felons

January 28, 2019


Time in prison may not be the only consequence of a felony conviction in Texas. There are also many statutes, administrative rules, state court rules, and federal court rules that place further restrictions on convicted felons.

Since 2002, the State Law Library has worked to compile a list of these restrictions. While we do not warrant this collection to be a comprehensive and complete listing of all restrictions on convicted felons, it is our attempt to bring together the many restrictions that we have identified in one location.

Our Restrictions on Convicted Felons Collection allows you to browse restrictions by subject or search for restrictions by keyword. You can also browse restrictions by source or view only the employment-related restrictions. Additionally, the complete list of restrictions is available to download as a PDF.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this resource please don't hesitate to Ask a Librarian!

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