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Texas Titles

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    By Richard M. Alderman. Published by Taylor Trade Publishing. 2010. 8th edition.

    This book, written in a question and answer format, is best aimed for everyday people to understand their rights under the law. The author's focus is primarily consumer law covering topics such as applying for credit, contracts, the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, online sales, and small claims court. He also covers family law, immigration, and wills and probate.

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    By Richard Alderman. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 1999. 2nd edition.

    This thorough treatment of the laws surrounding the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act contains the most current research. Coverage includes proper party plaintiffs and defendants, breach of warranty, unconscionability, the insurance code, and interaction with other laws. This annually updated publication contains case law information and appendices containing historical version of the DTPA.

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    By David Tekell. Published by James Publishing. 2002. 2010 edition.

    This source book provides current information on handling Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act cases for practitioners representing both the plaintiff and the defendant. The volume also outlines step-by-step procedures for handling cases in every major consumer law category. A CD-ROM is also included that contains the full text of the book as well as over 270 DTPA forms from notices to petitions to deposition outlines.

General/Federal Titles

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    By Paul F. Bland. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2011. 6th edition.

    "This treatise covers one of the most active areas of consumer litigation today: the enforceability of arbitration agreements entered into before any dispute has arisen between the parties. This treatise focuses on how consumers can, in some situations, avoid being forced into arbitration and instead retain their constitutional right to litigate their claims in court. This area of consumer law is important and constantly evolving not only because of the increasing prevalence of arbitration clauses but also because the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is currently considering rules that would make the forced arbitration landscape considerably different for consumers, including by prohibiting many entities within its jurisdiction from using forced arbitration clauses to prevent class actions.

    The treatise surveys current theories and selected case law. Comprehensiveness is beyond the scope of this or any publication, not only because new cases are reported on a weekly basis but also because of the great variation in arbitration clauses and in the underlying transactions." - from the publisher

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    By Carolyn Carter. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2015. 2nd Ed.

    "This treatise examines federal and state restrictions on consumer credit transactions, and federal preemption of the state restrictions. It focuses on interest rates, fees, third-party charges, rebates of unearned interest, late charges and other credit terms for non-mortgage credit. Other NCLC treatises detail limits on creditor remedies where a consumer defaults on a credit obligation—debt collection, collection lawsuits, repossessions, credit reporting, and garnishment. This treatise focuses on the origination of the credit obligation and its terms.

    Consumer Credit Regulation Part I analyzes issues of general applicability, including a survey of applicable legal claims, an analysis of what state law applies and federal preemption, an examination of interest, the basics of credit math, credit insurance, and litigation issues. Part II focuses on particular forms of consumer credit:
    • Credit cards;
    • Payday loans and credit union small loans;
    • Installment loans not involving sales of goods or services;
    • Automobile sales financing;
    • Manufactured home sales financing;
    • Other installment sales;
    • Auto title pawns;
    • Rent to own transactions;
    • “Sales” of future income streams;
    • Refund anticipation loans."
    from the publisher

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    By Robert Hobbs. Published by National Consumer Law Center.

    "All Pleadings from All NCLC Manuals

    Basic “bread and butter” pleadings and form letters
    The most novel and hottest consumer litigation
    Pleadings from both federal and state courts
    Everything from demand letters to complaints, from document requests to depositions, from motions in limine to motions for summary judgment, from opening statements to jury instructions.

    The Advanced Pleadings Search (located above the search bar) Lets You View and Download Any Pleading in Seconds

    Powerful web search techniques pinpoint pleadings of a specific treatise, type, subject area, or legal claim"
    from the publisher

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    By Gene A. Marsh. Published by Thomson West. 1999. 3rd edition.

    This nutshell title looks at state and federal laws dealing with consumer protection. Topics covered include identity theft, credit repair, equal access to credit, regulating the cost of credit, and the consumer credit market.

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    By Carolyn Carter. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2015. 5th edition.

    The fourth edition of this title from the National Consumer Law Center provides a comprehensive treatment of warranty law. Specific topics covered include the Magnuson-Moss warranty act, express warranties, implied warranties, ways to beat warranty disclaimers, breaches of warranties, used cars, service contracts, leases, and UCC remedies and damages. Additional appendices provide state-by-state analyses of lemon laws, service contract laws, and new home and condo warranty laws. Also includes sample notices of rejection, revocation, and deduction of damages, sample complaints, sample discovery, and sample trial documents.

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    By Alys Cohen. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2013. 6th edition.

    This title provides an overview of federal law which prohibits not only intentional discrimination, but also practices that have a disparate impact on protected groups. Important statutes examined include the ECOA, Fair Housing, Civil Rights, and Community Reinvestment Acts, and state discrimination laws.

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    By Chi Chi Wu. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2017. 9th edition.

    The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), its implementing regulations, and recent case rulings have dramatically altered the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This edition covers the changes and new regulations such as the Credit Repair Organizations Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and state law requirements

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    By Jonathon Sheldon. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2012.

    "Federal Deception Law is a unique NCLC treatise. While other NCLC publications generally focus on one substantive area, this title examines a large number of federal (and parallel state) requirements and remedies that apply to many marketplace transactions. Examples are the federal and state RICO statutes that apply broadly to any form of consumer transaction and the federal False Claims Act that also provides strong remedies as long as the government is also victimized by a practice. - from the publisher

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    By John Rao. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2014, 2017. 5th edition.

    "This treatise provides the law and practical advice concerning mortgage servicing, mortgage modifications, and home foreclosures, examining these issues not only in relation to traditional free-standing homes, but also to manufactured homes and condominiums. It covers foreclosure upon private mortgages, government mortgages, condominium liens, and tax liens. A variety of foreclosure rescue scams from equity skimming schemes to phantom help are also addressed." - from the publisher

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    By Andrew Pizor. Published by National Consumer Law Center. 2014. 2nd edition.

    This title is part of the NCLC's "Consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series," and it covers a large breadth of issues related to mortgage lending. It focuses on both federal and state statutes that regulate mortgage lending while also noting when federal rules preempt state rules. According to the NCLC, some of the topics include underwriting, appraisals, brokers, third party fees, interest rates and loan terms, reverse mortgages, as well as litigation issues.

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    By James White; Robert S. Summers. Published by Thomson West. 2009. 1st ed.

    "This book provides a comprehensive introduction to Articles 1 and 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). It provides a useful resource for students and practitioners dealing with sales or contract issues. Students of contracts or sales and any practitioner dealing with sales or contracts issues will profit from this book's use." - from the publisher

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    By David G. Owen. Published by Thomson West. 2015. 9th ed.

    "This book provides an overview of products liability law, organizing and explaining the essential history, developments, policies, and tensions of this field of law succinctly yet comprehensively. An abridgment of Professor Owen’s acclaimed hornbook treatise, this short work examines classic and recent case and other developments in products liability law, including theories of liability; definitions and proof of product defects; standards for expert testimony; the assault on strict liability by the state-of-the-art doctrine; federal preemption and other defenses; and the Restatement of the Law of Torts, Third: Products Liability." - from the publisher

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