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Texas Titles

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    By Ernest Smith. Published by Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender. 2011.

    Wind-generated energy is rapidly increasing throughout the U.S. and is especially important to Texas. This timely volume of laws, regulations and rulings will help attorneys remain current on the latest developments. It covers such topics as elements of the wind energy lease, conveyance, severance of wind rights, litigation, permitting and legislative efforts, transmission issues, and offshore leasing.

General/Federal Titles

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    By Robert Glicksman; George Cameron Coggins. Published by Thomson West. 2012. 4th ed.

    "This book provides a brief historical overview of public land law in the United States and analyzes the constitutional basis for ownership and regulation of federal lands and natural resources. It covers the statutory basis for determining appropriate uses for federal lands and for assessment of the environmental impacts of activities on those lands. It also analyzes the rules governing planning and management of the water, mineral, timber, range, wildlife, recreation, and preservation resources on federal lands. Finally, it covers important recent public land law developments - in Congress, in the land management agencies, and in the courts." - from the publisher

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    By Jan Laitos. Published by Thomson West. 2015. 1st ed.

    "This treatise is a thorough assessment of the important and growing field of natural resources law. It provides comprehensive coverage of the laws, policies, and decision-making processes pertinent to the “core” commodity natural resources – rangeland, timber, mineral resources, energy resources, and water. It also covers the management and protection of non-commodity resources, such as wildlife, wilderness, and other types of preservation and recreation lands. As an essential addition to any environmental, natural resources, or public lands library, the book puts natural resources law in context with a review of the National Environmental Policy Act, a history of natural resources use and regulation, as well as a user-friendly description of resource economics." - from the publisher

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    By Sandi Zellmer; Jan Laitos. Published by Thomson West. 2014. 1st ed.

    "This Concise Hornbook is a comprehensive, user-friendly review of the full range of important natural resources law issues. It surveys cases, statutes, regulations, legal developments, and policies that have shaped, and will continue to influence, natural resources law throughout the 20th century and the early 21st century. Topics include resource economics, jurisdictional and litigation constraints, the National Environment Policy Act (NEPA), public lands, wildlife, preservation, recreation, rangeland, timber, mining, and energy." - from the publisher

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    By David Getches. Published by Thomson West. 2015. 5th edition.

    "The new edition adds dozens of recent decisions and key statutory changes. Virtually every principal case in the leading casebooks is cited or discussed, making it an excellent aid for students in any water law course. The revised book deals with changes in evolving areas like groundwater-surface water conflicts, public recreational uses, instream flow protection, federal water development, takings claims, and public interest concerns." - from the publisher

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